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Cultured butter

How to Make Cultured Butter at Home.

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Learn how to make your own cultured butter and traditional buttermilk at home with this easy-to-follow cultured butter recipe



1000 grams / 1L heavy cream (35% or higher)

100 grams / 100ml buttermilk


  1. Pour the cream into a non reactive container and whisk in the buttermilk.
  2. Place the cheesecloth or tea towel over the container and allow to sit undistrubed at room temperature for 24-36 hours. You can taste the cream to decide how tangy you like it.
  3. Place the cultured cream in the fridge until well chilled, at least two hours but I like to do it overnight.
  4. Put the cream into the stand mixer with whisk attachment or a food processor. Be careful not to overfill either as the cream will expand while whipping.
  5. Start to beat the cream at a medium speed. As the cream gains volume slowly increase the speed.
  6. Beat the cream until it seperates. Small lumps of butter fat will become visible and the butter cream will seperate. You should hear the liquid splooshing around in the mixer.
  7. Line a bowl with cheesecloth and place the butterfat into the center. Pick the cheesecloth up spining it to close it and putting the butter into a tight ball. Use your hands to squeeze as much buttermilk out of the butter as possible. You can also use the back of a rubber spatula to press out the buttermilk.
  8. Move the butter to a bowl of ice water and continue to wash out the butter fat by squeezing the butter in your hands then washing it in the water. You can use two bowls alternating between the two until the water is no longer cloudy. Washing the butter in cold water helps keep it firm while working it and rinse out any remaining buttermilk.
  9. If adding salt, place the butter back into the stand mixer and add the desired amout of salt. Mix until combined.
  10. Wrap the butter in wax paper, cling film or place it into a sealed glass container.
  11. Store the butter in the fridge for 2 weeks or the freezer for up to 6 weeks.


Make sure to properly remove the buttermilk from the butter as this will help increase the cultured butters shelf life and reduce spoilage time.