What My Students are Saying

Nothing brings me more joy than my students success. Whether they are having success at home, in restaurants or bakeries. Inspiring others and helping them to become become better cooks, bakers and pizzaiolos is my mission.

Chef Duffy’s Formulas and procedures are easy to follow and straight forward. This sourdough boule was made from a starter made following Chef Duffy’s guide How to Create a Starter From Scratch. It has filled me with accomplishment, being able to produce a fantastic loaf in the confort of my own kitchen.

– Novell Trix

“Over two years ago I took a sourdough bread making class from Matt, more out of curiosity than interest.  Well, he turned my curiosity into a passion.  Bread making isn’t just a skill, it is therapeutic.  Tidbits of his massive wealth of information helps you learn how to make bread beyond what the average baker can teach you.  He gives sound reasons to explain not only how you do things, but why.”

– Nancy Woods

“We had a great tutorial for making Challah.  With step by step instructions, clear visuals, and lots of humour along the way.  Matt kept us on track and made sure we were clear on the subtleties as well, how to braid, egg wash, the importance of oven temperature.  Et voila!  A delicious result and a great way to learn bread making!”

Vita Wind

Bread making intimidates me and I thought it might be hard to learn online.  But I was wrong!

Matt guided us through every step, demonstrating the look and feel of the dough at every stage, and checking on what we were doing when we had questions.

The result was 2 gorgeous challah breads that impressed the heck out of my family!

Delicious warm out of the oven, it also made the BEST French toast as it started to get a big stale later in the week.

Alison Rowe